Nookii Confidential Game

Tonight’s review brings us to the bedroom to play a game. The Nookii Confidential Game to be exact. The game comes with a digital timer, cherry flavored lipstick, guidelines, invisible ink pen, 90 cards, a door sign, 2 dice, blindfold and a 3 in 1 torch (LED flashlight, UV, and laser). “You are on a mission, a mission of love.”

Act out your desires by doing the tasks at hand. Be a sexy secret agent and discover the clues that will get you to the jackpot. Each secret mission has 3 steps, ‘Brief Encounter’ (Preparing for your mission), ‘Rendezvous’ (Brief fun) and ‘Under Cover’ (Mission ends). Each player picks 3 cards, one from each section. The first player throws the dice to determine the amount of time for the card at play. Both players alternate until the mission is complete. 30 cards in each section ensure a different mission each time. Each mission leaves your reward for solving the mystery with the clues up to you.

Here is an example of each card type.
Exchange & Smart
“We have only got half the time we thought we had” Hang the timer around your neck, be quick or there will be consequences.
“Pull me against a wall, grab me and kiss me passionately. Rub your hands all over me. With the time restraints in mind, we must swap our tops.”
Do it now, quickly.
If you completed the mission within the time, kiss him. If you did not complete the mission, tough luck, smack his bottom.

Brief Encounter:
X Marks The Spot.
Blindfold her.
With the lipstick draw an X over one of your nipples.
“Press your fingertips over me in search of the secret location. I will give you clues by saying “hot” or “cold”.
When she has located it, remove the blindfold.
“Pay special attention to the X, pleasuring it with 5 parts of your body. If you are extra good, I will show you where I hide my treasure.”
Show her.

Under Cover:
Countdown To Launch:
“I’m ready for take off.”
Lie on your back with your arm along your side. Do not move throughout.
“Straddle me.”
Five. Make sure my firing pin is ready. Nibble over my pants.
Four. Check my launch status. Vigorously trace your tongue along my rocket.
Three. Show me your destination. Nestle your breasts in my face.
Two. Prepare for entry. Position yourself for launch.
One. Lift off.

My wife and I found it hard to stay in character and ending up laughing a good bit. I think the invisible ink pen with the UV torch is the best part of the kit. You can write something on your mate or somewhere you know they will find it and nothing will be seen until you hit it with the UV light. Even outside of the game, the UV light and pen got a lot of play. It is great fun writing on your lover and having them reveal the message.

This is one of the more fun sexy games I have had the pleasure of playing and is well worth its price for the fun you will have.

The awesome folks at sent me the Nookii Confidential Game free of charge, in exchange for an honest review of the product from Mr Kink’s point of view. offers discreet, private shopping to men and women of all sexual orientations. And to help you pick out just the sex toy, dildo or vibrator you’ve been looking for, they offer an excellent Sex Toy Quiz.


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